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Evaluation of diverse herbicides for teosinte control in crops different to maize.


The efficacy of 6 authorized herbicides was evaluated in summer crops that can be rotated with maize: sunflower, legumes or fallow on teosinte (Zea mays spp. mexicana ad. int) control. The evaluated herbicides were: cycloxydim, clethodim, fluazifop, glyphosate, imazamox, and quizalofop. Three trials were carried out in a field without any commercial crop infested with teosinte at Torralba de Aragón (Huesca), one in 2015 and two in 2016. Cycloxydim, clethodim, fluazifop and quizalofop controlled teosinte perfectly. Glyphosate showed low efficacy in 2015 and very high control in 2016, probably due to the higher dose applied that year. Imazamox showed low efficacy, possibly because it is an active ingredient that works best at temperatures lower than those given in the test conducted in July.