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Floristic study of the "Chivira" protected area, Mt Sredna Gora, Bulgaria.


The species composition, phytogeographical elements and conservation value of higher plants in the protected area 'Chivira' Mt Sredna Gora, was conducted using the methods of floristic analysis. From the established 174 higher plants, belonging to 116 genera and 39 families, 16 have conservation value. The comparative analysis shows that the perennial herbaceous plants are dominating in the studied area with 72% of the established species. In the biological spectrum of the PA, prevail live form is Hemicryptophyta. Regarding to phytogeography spectrum majority have the Euro-Asiatic species. The horological analysis shows that the 15 species, have not mentioned to be found either in the floristic region Sredna Gora (East). The analysis of the anthropogenic impact on the protected area shows that it is more intensive in the centre of the investigated area, than in the entire territory. The existing permanently impact had summary effect, expressing in the invasion of the species, closely connected with the human activities.