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Therapeutic management of some diseases met in cage birds from private collections.


Currently, exotic birds have a high demand on the market; requiring care in general not too complicated, birds are a good choice for animal lovers, especially children. This paper presents the treatments carried out in diseases found in canaries, Amazon parrots, Agapornis (lovebird), parakeets, nymphs, Australian zebras. The study was partially conducted in a singing canaries farm located in Voluntari, Ilfov County; the farm includes 250 birds, grouped by age, sex and physiological status. The second part of the study was performed in Clinics of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, by examining the cage birds that presented to consultation. Bacterial diseases were the most commonly found in canaries - a respiratory infection and 3 cases of bacterial enteritis. Antibiotherapy with Adeno-Coli-Mix product (amoxicillin, colistin sulphate, nitrofurazone) has been successfully used in canaries diagnosed with colibacilosis. In the 2 cases of cage birds diagnosed with enteritis, Enroxil product was used. Traumatic disorders caused by accidents inside the cage disappeared after implementing measures of birds' insulation into smaller spaces in order to avoid additional effort and drug therapy with Metacam. Stress disorders and nutritional deficiencies were represented by feathers consumption, massive moulting and a case of stress adaptation; therapy aimed at correcting the diet and supplementation with vitamin products.