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Early characters of Salicaceae introduced in alpine forest.


Salicaceae has the characters of fast growth and the high rate of output. It can be used as the forest resources to solve the exhaustion of forest energy. Therefore, the research group introduced the Salicaceae No. 5 in 2015 to carry out afforestation experiments in the Xiaoxing'anling Youhao forestry bureau. After two years of observation, the Salicaceae showed the characters of high emergence rate and fast growth. Compared with the local tree species, the average height of Populus euphratica was 66.97% lower than that of Salicaceae in the first year and 80.44% lower in the second year. The difference was obvious. At the same time, the experiment also showed that Salicaceae had a high waterlogging, but the waterlogging would still show the decline in growth and other phenomena after a long time. In addition, Salicaceae in different afforestation density also showed different characteristics. In summary, Salicaceae in the Xiaoxing'anling forest area showed more excellent advantages, moreover, they should be further observed.