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Alternatives in nutrition of transgenic maize FR-Bt1 (Zea mays L.): response in growth, development and production.


The maize is one of the most important cultures in most of the countries, whose yield been has limited by the attack of pathogens and weed affectation. The variety modified genetically FR-Bt1 has the characteristics to protect against the attack of Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda Smith) and tolerance to the ammonium glufosinate herbicide. In order to study the behavior in growth and yield of the variety in response to alternatives of nutrition with the combine use of a NPK fertilizer, the biofertilizer inoculant (EcoMic®) and the phytostimulant (FitoMas®), two field experiments and an extension test in a commercial field were carried out. Different variables of growth and yield were observed. The crop had a good answer to the application of the different products and the combination of FitoMas®-E, EcoMic® and the 50% of mineral fertilization level proposed for the FR-Bt1 variety, had a similar response to 100% of NPK dose and to each of the other different treatments. Finally, in low fertility soils, similar to the used in the experiments, the FR-Bt1 corn variety don't fulfill its potential yield when NPK dose are lower than the established in the technic instructive; it is possible with the combination of mineral fertilizer, EcoMic® y FitoMas®-E, including 25 to 50% reduction in the mineral fertilizer, without affecting crop behavior.