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A survey of thrips and their potential for transmission of viruses to crops in Biskra (Algeria): first record of the species Frankliniella intonsa and Thrips flavus.


Thrips are the main phytophagous insects on many agricultural crops and plants in Algeria that have not yet been thoroughly studied. These pests have been reported as vectors of viruses. The investigation was conducted on vegetable crops between 2014 and 2016 in six arid area sites at Biskra. Thrips species were sampled from 14 vegetable crops. Four species were affiliated to the genus Frankliniella (F. occidentalis, F. intonsa), and two to the genus Thrips (T. tabaci and T. flavus). Two sympatric species namely F. occidentalis and T. tabaci were collected from the majority of the vegetable hosts in all the studied sites, while F. intonsa and T. flavus were sampled only from pepper and they were signaled for the first time in Algeria. The current survey updates the information on the Thysanoptera of Biskra region and highlights their importance in agriculture, particularly in the greenhouses. This survey may be useful for producers and scientists to consider the risk of these harmful pests.