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Multivariate statistical analysis of secondary metabolites and total lipid antioxidants.


The leaves of 15 plant species were collected from the catchment areas of river Beas, Punjab, and analyzed for phenols, flavonoids, xanthophylls and total lipid antioxidants. Polygonum plebeium contained highest content of phenols (31.56 mg/g dw), whereas highest content of flavonoids was found in Cannabis sativa (9.27 mg/g dw). Polygonum barbatum was found to contain highest contents of xanthophylls (52.20 mg/g dw) and total lipid antioxidants (16.89 µmole/g fw). Cluster analysis (CA) showed that Erigeron bonariensis and Parthenium hysterophorus belongs to family Asteraceae and had close proximity to each other. First three components of principal component analysis (PCA) explained 98.57% of the total variance. Factor analysis (FA) explained two factors: factor-1 had maximum loadings on (xanthophylls and flavonoids) and explained for 36.4% of the total variance. Factor-2 had maximum loadings on (phenols and total lipid antioxidants) and accounted for 34.3% of the total variance.