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Overview of leaf miner fauna in Serbia.


Due to their specific lifestyle, frequency of occurrence, and the damage that they cause on plants, leaf miners have been investigated by many scientists in Serbia. Unfortunately, the overview of research on their fauna in Serbia has not been done yet. Therefore, based on the data from the literature sources and the results of our research, the first overview of leaf miner fauna research in Serbia was made. It was found that 363 species of leaf miners were ascertained in Serbia so far. They are classified as follows: 270 species from 26 families of the order Lepidoptera, 61 species from 5 families of the order Diptera, 21 species from 3 families of the order Coleoptera, and 11 species from 1 family of the order Hymenoptera. The majority of species of the order Lepidoptera belongs to the families Gracillariidae (71), Nepticulidae (61) and Coleophoridae (37), of the order Diptera to the family Agromyzidae (53), and from the order Coleoptera to the families Curculionidae (12) and Chrysomelidae (7). All species of the order Hymenoptera (11) belong to the family Tenthredinidae. Monophagous and Oligophagous species are dominant among the identified species of leaf miners in Serbia. The majority of the species (57%) develop on woody plants. Most of them (30) on the species of the genus Quercus, Prunus (20), Malus (19), and Populus (19). The list of 363 species of leaf miners that were identified in Serbia is not definitive. How European leaf mining insect fauna includes about 2500 species, it is certain that new species will be found in the future.