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Valorisation possibilities of invasive indigobush (Amorpha fruticosa L.) in Romania.


Amorpha fruticosa (false indigo bush or indigobush) is one of the most important invasive terrestrial plant species (ITPS) found in Romania alongside Ailanthus altissima, Acer negundo, and Fraxinus pennsylvanica. In Romania, given its ecological requirements and initial use (degraded land reclamation), it's found especially in the floodplains of the main rivers and the Danube and most abundantly in the Danube Delta. It has a negative impact on native wetland ecosystems and control measures have been applied exclusively in protected areas. Taking into consideration the need to diminish the aggressive spread of this ITPS, one economically viable solution would be to value its biological potential. In this respect in Romania, beekeepers have learned to take advantage of the Amorpha fruticosa melliferous proprieties (i.e. honey). Yet in the last decades international scientific research highlighted a number of potential uses for the indigobush, among which biomass production (i.e. pellets), and obtaining different medicinal and pharmacological products (i.e. mammalian cell culture media formulation) rank as the most important. Through this paper the authors try to raise awareness to the valuing possibilities of Amorpha fruticosa as a means to control and diminish its spread in Romania and also at European level.