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Floristic composition of verges of Motorway (M-1) Peshawar to Charsadda, Pakistan during winter season.


Detail study was carried out on the flora of road sides and central green belt of Motorway (M-1) from Peshawar to Charsadda Interchange. A total of 30 different species, which belong to 29 genera and 16 families, were recorded from the area. Poaceae was the most dominating family including 7 genera. Ecological characteristics like life form spectra indicated that Therophytes (53.33%) were the most dominating life form. Leaf size spectra showed that the most abundant leaf size was Microphyll (50%). This study not only gives information about the flora of motorway but can provide a baseline for future studies and plantation of this area. It is suggested that plantation of invasive species should be discouraged which might become problematic in future for the indigenous flora.