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Weed control and crop selectivity of post-emergence herbicides in common beans.


There are few options of wide spectrum selective herbicides registered for post-emergence weed control in common beans crop. The experiment aimed to test crop selectivity and weed control of post-emergence herbicides on common beans. Weed control, injury and grain yield were evaluated. Treatments consisted on: cloransulam-methyl, imazethapyr, fomesafen, bentazon and diclosulam isolated and tank-mixed with clethodim; imazamox+bentazon, fomesafen+fluazifop, clethodim; cloransulam+bentazon and imazethapyr+bentazon. Treatments were tested on the cultivars 'ANfc 9', 'IPR Uirapuru' and 'BRS Estilo'. The high-yielding treatments to the cultivar 'ANfc 9' were fomesafen alone and tank-mixed with clethodim or fluazifop, cloransulam and diclosulam tank-mixed with clethodim, and imazamox+bentazon. The high-yielding treatments with the cultivar 'IPR Uirapuru' was fomesafen tank-mixed with clethodim or fluazifop. High-yielding treatment to BRS Estilo was fomesafen+fluazifop. Bidens pilosa was controlled by all the treatments with broadleaf herbicides with exception of imazethapyr. Digitaria spp. was controlled by all treatments containing clethodim, fluazifop, fomesafen and imazethapyr. Treatments with cloransulam, diclosulam, fomesafen and imazamox were efficient to control Parthenium hysterophorus.