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Description of Filenchus maqbooli n. sp., and redescriptions of five new records of plant parasitic nematodes of maize crops from Punjab, Pakistan.


In a recent study of plant parasitic nematodes, the following species of nematodes were encountered from maize and its adjoining crops from Punjab, Pakistan. New species Filenchus maqbooli n. sp., characterized by small body with short stylet and tail long, filiform has been described. Five new record species of plant parasitic nematodes viz., Helicotylenchus certus Eroshenko & Nguen Vu Tkhan, 1981, Helicotylenchus gulabi Jain, Siddiqui & Aruna Parihar, 2000, Helicotylenchus jasminii Jain Saddiqui & Aruna Parihar, 2000, Pratylenchus goodeyi Sher & Allen, 1953 and Telotylenchus indicus Siddiqi, 1960 and two new host records of maize viz., Tylenchorhynchus tritici Golden, Maqbool & Hando, 1987 and Malenchus labiatus Maqbool & Shahina, 1985 are briefly redescribed herein.