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First report of postharvest rot caused by Phomopsis longanae on lychee commercialized in Italy.


During 2012, several postharvest fruit rots were observed on three lots of lychees (Litchi chinensis) cv. Bengali-Mauritius coming from South Africa and commercialized in Italy, with an average incidence of 17%. Fruit blotch resulted in brown discoloration of the rind at the stem-end, rapidly expanding to the whole fruit. Tissues were excised from surface-sterilized fruit, cultured on PDA at 24°C in the dark. Based on morphological characteristics, DNA sequence analysis and pathogenicity tests, the causal agent was identified as P. longanae. Previously, P. longanae was reported on lychee in southern China. This is thought to be the first report of P. longanae causing a postharvest fruit rot of lychee in Italy.