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First report of Garlic common latent virus in garlic from Nigeria.


A study was undertaken to investigate the status of viral infection in garlic in Nigeria. Ten garlic bulbs were collected in March of 2015 from two fields in Kano and Sokoto region of Nigeria and all the samples were found positive for GarCLV based on direct antigen coated-ELISA. To confirm the presence of Garlic common latent virus (GarCLV), reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction was performed and total RNA extracted from 100 mg of leaves. Expected amplicons of ca. 450 bp were obtained from all the samples tested. Direct sequencing of the PCR products from one sample produced a 418-bp long nucleotide sequence, which showed 95% identity with a garlic isolate from The Netherlands. This is thought to be the first report of GarCLV on garlic in Nigeria.