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Vegetation features of alpine and subalpine rangelands in Eastern Black Sea Region.


This current study was conducted by using modified wheel point method to determine the features of the vegetation of alpine and subalpine rangelands in Giresun province located in Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. Plant covered ratios were detected from 33.0% to 100.00%. Botanical composition rates of families were determined between 3.71-45.81% for legumes, 4.59-86.00% for grasses and 8.00-84.13% for other plant species in rangelands. During the vegetation surveys, a total of 148 different species were identified including 25 legumes, 32 grasses, and 91 belonging to other families. In addition, 23 of identified species were classified as decreasing species, 14 of them were classified as increasing species and 111 of them were classified as invasive species. Rangelands in the study area were categorized as healthy-risky rangeland according to range health classification and moderate-poor rangeland according to range condition classification. From the Giresun rangelands, a part, representing 47.17% has been grazed intensively, 35.85% moderately, 9.43% lightly and 7.55% weren't grazed. Research results showed that grazing pressure must be decreased by regulating the grazing systems for Eastern Black Sea Region to improve rangeland quality.