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Description of some nematode species of Tylenchidae, associated with Polianthes tuberosa from Iran.


In order to identify the plant parasitic nematodes associated with Polianthes tuberosa in Dezful Regions, Iran, 300 soil and root samples were collected from different parts of the region, during 2012-2014. The samples were washed and the nematodes were extracted by centrifugal flotation technique. The nematodes were fixed and transferred to glycerin, and then the permanent slides of the nematode specimen were prepared. After microscopic observation, the measurements (morphological and morphometrical characters) were made using a drawing tube attached to light microscope. In this study, 17 species belonging to nine genera of the family Tylenchidae were identified as: Atetylenchus graminus, A. abulbosus, Basiria aberrans, B. tumida, Boleodorus thylactus, Filenchus elegantulus, F. sandneri, F. vulgaris, F. andrassyi, F. facultativus, Irantylenchus vicinus, Lelenchus leptosoma, Neopsilenchus magnidens, Psilenchus hilarulus, P. iranicus, P. vinciguerrae and Tylenchus capitatus. Among them, A. graminus, L. leptosome and T. capitatus, are new reports and were first described in Iran. This is the first report of male of A. graminus in the world.