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Pierid (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) pests and their new crucifers hosts in Pothwar region of Pakistan.


Field surveys were conducted in Pothwar region during January 2012-December 2013 to find out the pierids pests on cultivated and non-cultivated cruciferous plants, the known cultivated hosts such as Raphnus sativus, Eruca sativa, Brassica napus, B. oleraceae, B. oleracea var. italica and B. campestris were attacked by Pieris brassicae, P. canidia and Pontia daplidice. Among above reported Pieridae species P. rapae is reported for the first time however, Pontia daplidice is also a new record from districts Rawalpindi and Chakwal and P. canidia from Jhelum, Rawalpindi and Chakwal. However, the non-cultivated host plants in the region were Caspsella bursa-postoris, Coronopus didymus, Lepidium pinnatifidium, Arabidopsis thaliana and B. officinalis. Among non-cultivated hosts L. pinnatifidium was the new host for P. daplidice. C. didymus was found common host for P. brassicae, P. canidia and P. daplidice from the study area. Among non-cultivated host plants A. thaliana was found for P. canidia and B. officinalis for P. brassicae and P. daplidice. All the non-cultivated host plants were new records from Pakistan however, L. pinnatifidium was new host of P. daplidice from the world, which was not reported earlier.