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Performance of cashew and noni inter cropping system under organic condition in Chikmagalore district of Karnataka.


A study was undertaken to evaluate the performance of cashew and noni, a medicinal fruit crop as an inter crop for consistent and stabilized yield. The study revealed that there was no significant yield difference between mono cropping and inter cropping system in cashew which was 2.52 and 2.51 tonne per ha of raw cashew nut respectively. No significant difference was seen with regard to organic carbon content in the soil of mono cropping and inters cropping system. Inter cropping of noni a medicinal plant in cashew plantations brought the higher benefit cost ratio for cashew farmers compared to farmers of traditional mono cropping system who could earn from Rs 2.48 to Rs 3.03 against the every rupee invested. Inter cropping of noni, a medicinal plant in cashew plantations would generate employment opportunities for improving the quality of rural life. Apart from increasing the production of additional crops and employment potential, inter cropping system can acts as a social security against instability in yield such as crops loss.