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Study on adaptabilities of Hu sheep and Chuanzhong black goat in Southern China.


Objective: In order to study the adaptabilities of introduced varieties of sheep and goat in Southern China. Method: Hu sheep and Chuanzhong black goats were introduced from other provinces into Southern China. Their growth and reproduction performances and the relationship between growth, reproduction performances and ambient temperature and humidity were statistically analyzed. [Result] Within one year of introduction, certain growth and reproduction performances of Hu sheep and Chuanzhong black goats declined in different degrees (P<0.01). Lambing percentage of Hu sheep was significantly correlated with ambient temperature and humidity (P<0.05), and the mortality rates of Hu sheep and Chuanzhong black goats were significantly correlated with temperature (P<0.05). Conclusion: There are adaptation problems of Hu sheep and Chuanzhong black goats within short period of introduction into Southern China from other provinces. The reproduction rate of female Hu sheep is negatively affected by the high temperature and humidity climate, and the monthly mortality rate of Chuanzhong black goat lambs largely rises in winter. Therefore, we should pay attention to the heatstroke prevention of Hu sheep in summer and heat preservation of Chuanzhong black goats in winter during management.