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New data on insect vectors of grapevine yellows.


Flavescence dorée (FD) and Bois noir are serious grapevine yellows transmitted by specific vectors, Scaphoideus titanus and Hyalesthes obsoletus, respectively. They cause heavy loss of grape and wine production and declining of plants in vineyard and, in spite of control strategies, are continuously spreading in Italy. The aim of this work was to identify new grapevine phytoplasma vectors and to gain new information on the known vectors. A new vector of FD phytoplasma was identified, the planthopper Dictyophara europaea, which showed to be able to transmit the phytoplasma from clematis to grapevine. Obtained data suggested that the transmission to grapevine in the field is sporadic. High populations of S. titanus were found on wild and abandoned rootstocks in several areas of Veneto region. They can have a role in the infection of the neighbour cultivated vineyards. H. obsoletus was confirmed to be present on nettle, bindweed in Veneto region. Furthermore, H. obsoletus nymphs and adults were found for the first time on Lamium orvala, which proved to be a new host plant.