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Impact of different herbicides on Amaranthus spinosus in Korea.


In Korea, 315 species of exotic weeds were found from 37 families. Some exotic weeds need systematic management because weeds such as Amaranthus spinosus, inflicted enormous damages on environment and/or human beings and livestock. Therefore, selecting herbicides and establishment of effective weed control methods of Amaranthus spinosus in pasture of Korea, has been set up. Results of field testing of pendimethalin 31.7% EC in treated plots showed a weeding effect of 10%. However, pendimethalin 31.7% EC+MCPP 50% SL, MCPP 50% SL and dicamba 48.2% SL treated plots showed weeding effect of 95%, 95% and 100%, respectively. The optimum treatment period is from early June to mid July.