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A review of pest status of recently recorded alien insects in Bulgaria [Conference poster].


Bulgarian biodiversity and economy are threatened by the introduction of alien insects because of increasing transport and the global warming. The alien terrestrial insects recorded so far in Bulgaria account for 300 species and 108 of them have been detected during the last 20 years. The highest number belongs to Hemiptera (101) and Coleoptera (88), followed by Lepidoptera (34), Hymenoptera (23), Phthiraptera (16), Diptera (15), Thysanoptera (8), Orthoptera (6), Blattodea (3), Psocoptera (3), Zygentoma (1), Siphonaptera (1), and Dermaptera (1). Most of them originate from Asia, followed by Americas, Africa, etc. The species with cosmopolitan distribution and considered as cryptogenic are 82. The trade with plant material and in particular ornamental plants is considered as a main pathway for the introduction of the alien species. A list of 20 species recorded during the last five years in Bulgaria is presented. The pest status of the alien insects Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic, Phthorimaea operculella Zeller, Harmonia axyridis (Pallas), Metcalfa pruinosa Say, Tuta absoluta (Povolny), Nezara viridula (Linnaeus), Pseudococcus calceolariae (Maskell), Aphis spiraecola Patch and Acizzia jamatonica (Kuwayama) that recently increased rapidly their population density and range of distribution in Bulgaria is discussed.