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Economic efficiency and determinants of gherkin production in Karnataka.


This study estimated the technical efficiency and further examined the factors influencing technical efficiency for the sampled gherkin growers in Karnataka State. By using stochastic frontier production function an effort has been made for identifying the relationship between the gherkin output and the level of input used and to identify the gaps that may help in optimizing the use of scarce available inputs in the study area. The paper used multistage random sampling technique to select 150 gherkin growers in the study area. The study found that the magnitude of mean technical efficiency varied from 2 grade gherkin farms to 3 grade gherkin farms. The mean technical efficiency of 2 grade gherkin farms was slightly higher (46%) than that of 3 grade gherkin farms (43%). The study concluded that there is scope for increasing gherkin production by about 57% and 54% for 3 grade and 2 grade gherkin crop respectively with the present technology in the study area. The determinants of efficiency are area under cultivation, neem cake, PPC and women labour in 3-grade gherkin crop and area under cultivation, nitrogenous fertilizer, tank silt, fertilizer split, PPC and women labour in 2-grade gherkin crop.