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First report of web blight on nettle-leaved bellflower caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG 1-IB in Italy.


In June 2014, in a nursery of the Agroinnova Centre (Torino, northern Italy) and later in a garden near Biella (northern Italy), several 60- to 90-day-old plants of nettle-leaved bellflower (Campanula trachelium) were observed that showed water-soaked lesions on the stems. Subsequently, the foliage blighted, turned brown, clung to the shoots, and matted on the surrounding plants. Eventually, infected plants died. Based on morphological characteristics, sequence analysis of the rDNA internal transcribed spacer region and pathogenicity tests, the causal agent was identified as R. solani. This is thought to be the first report of R. solani on C. trachelium in Italy as well as worldwide.