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Aggressiveness of Ilyonectria spp. and "Cylindrocarpon" pauciseptatum associated with black foot disease of grapevine.


Since the 90's, black foot disease threatens grape production in many countries. Recently, new species associated to this disease have been described, but more studies related to their aggressiveness are necessary. Isolates of Ilyonectria macrodidyma, Ilyonectria robusta and "Cylindrocarpon" pauciseptatum obtained from grapevines with black foot symptoms collected in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, were inoculated on rooted cuttings of Vitis labrusca cv. Bordô and its root and aerial symptoms were evaluated. All isolates caused symptoms typical of the disease, including necrosis of the root and crown, as well as mass reduction of the canopy and of the root system. The isolates were reisolated from necrotic wood fragments, thus confirming their potential for damage on Vitis labrusca.