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Weed invasion in airport concrete pavement and weed control issues [Conference poster].


The airport pavement, which ensures safe high-speed taxiing of aircrafts, plays a role in the interruption from FOD (Foreign Object Damage: the engine sucking debris on the ground). Weedy plants usually invade the gaps of the concrete pavement joints over which aircraft wheels do not pass. In the absence of weeding in an airport heightens the risks of FOD, but weeding of paved runways, taxiways and aprons is actually difficult during aircraft operation. Therefore, proper weed control of airport pavement is an important issue for aircraft safety in an international airport under 24-hour operation. In order to obtain a fundamental knowledge of how to carry out weed control on the airport concrete pavement, we monitored weed species in the gaps of pavement joints on the guard concrete slab that have been constructed with materials from the airport pavement. The results indicated a distinct relationship between the occurrence of weeds, joint width, and the texture of concrete pavement. Thirty-five species invaded the concrete pavement in the spring, and the parallel figure was 25 species in the summer. Three hundred and forty four plants including 4 dominant weeds, Vicia sativa, Vulpia myuros, Paspalum notatum, and Vicia hirsuta were found in the joints surveyed in the spring. Two hundred and twenty five plants including three dominant weeds, Paspalum notatum, Imperata cylindrica, Conyza sumatrensis were found in the joints surveyed in the summer. There were few weeds in the gaps of pavement joints whose width were 10 mm or less. Although the type of damage to pavement joints by a specific weed is unknown, the results revealed that the appropriate control design and management skill for weedy species on airport pavement, and a suitable weed control might help to reduce the need for weeding and maintenance of airport concrete pavement joints.