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Market placement of microorganisms in Poland.


The analysis of all products containing microorganisms registered in Poland for use in agriculture, whether as plant protection products or as fertilizers in April 2014 shows that the market share of microbial products is not high. Only 0.75% of plant protection products and 2.7% of registered fertilizers contain microorganisms. Nine plant protection products containing 6 different microorganisms: one virus, two strains of bacteria and three fungi were placed on the Polish market. Three of them are registered as fungicides and six as insecticides. Only two uses for agriculture crops were registered; namely protection of potato against the Colorado beetle and protection of oilseed rape against diseases caused by Sclerotinia Spp. There are 21 products containing microorganisms registered in Poland according to the rules regarding fertilizers: 4 registered as fertilizers, 5 as growth stimulators, 4 as surface soil, and 8 as soil conditioners.