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First report of Blueberry red ringspot virus in highbush blueberry in Serbia.


A total of 60 infected highbush blueberry samples were collected from various Serbian locations and submitted to Blueberry red ringspot virus (BRRV)-specific tests. DNA was isolated from fresh leaves using the DNeasy plant mini kit. Primer set RR-13/RR-14, designed to amplify a portion of the CP gene of the BRRV genome, was used for PCR amplification. BRRV was detected in 2 symptomatic plants of cv. Bluetta, therefore confirming field observations. Amplified DNA fragments of 487 bp were custom sequenced and nucleotide sequences of these isolates were deposited in GenBank under the accession Nos. JX908370 and JX908371. BLAST analyses of these 2 PCR products revealed high levels of nucleotide identity (92.8-97.5%) with 19 sequences of BRRV available in GenBank. Serbian BRRV isolates appeared closely related to the PDR-E isolate from Poland (accession No. JQ811996) as they shared 97.5% common nucleotides. This is thought to be the first report of BBRV in highbush blueberries in Serbia.