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Detailed coverage of invasive species threatening livelihoods and the environment worldwide

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Farming change, growing more food with a changing resource base.


The CIPO series responds to the need for more regional-oriented thinking, perspectives and opinions on global issues that impact and influence agriculture and by extension, human development in the Caribbean. It synthesises the extensive literature on key topics and relates them to a Caribbean perspective. It also provides an additional and alternative platform for Caribbean professionals to publish on a wider range of topics for a wider audience. This third issue on 'Farming Change, growing more food with a changing resource base' comprises three inter-related papers, which explore the topics from a Caribbean situation and perspective. i. Soil Loss: growing food crops without soil; ii. Forest Cover: securing ecosystem services for sustainable farming; iii. Species under Siege: combating the IAS threat. These topics should be of strategic interest to Caribbean countries, individually and as a region, as they seek to address the myriad and inter-connected challenges of sustainable agricultural development and food and nutrition security.