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Summer season survey for incidence of Maruca vitrata (G.) (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera) and its natural enemies on greengram and other alternative hosts in main pulse growing tracts of Khammam district 16.


The survey, conducted for two consecutive years (2009-10 and 2010-11) in the twelve major greengram growing mandals of Khammam district during summer, at different growth stages of pulses from randomly selected five farmer's fields revealed that the M. vitrata larval incidence ranged from 05-15 larvae per twenty five plants in bud initiation, flowering and podding stages. The flower infestation ranged from 11.5-29% whereas pod damage ranged from 18-27.5%. Among the surveyed mandals, Thirumalayapalem (27.5%), Khammam Urban (24%) and Penubally (23%) recorded the highest pod damage, whereas Madhira (18%) & Bonakal (19.5%) recorded the lowest pod damage. Among the coccinellids, Chilomenus sexmaculata species only observed in Pulses ecosystem. Among spiders, ground spiders viz., Urocteid species, Sparassus pseudolamarckii, Lycosids, Arctosamulani (Dyal); Hippasa spp., Salticius spp. in blackgram & greengram ecosystems. Other spiders, Argiope sp., Oxyopes sp., Thomisus sp., Chrysilla sp., Tetragnatha sp., Neosconatheisi, Telemoniadimidata, Curba sp. Peucetiaviridana, A. diadematus, A. anasuja (Thorell) were noticed in pulses ecosystems. Predation or parasitism was not observed in the field conditions. Physalis minima, Abutilon sp. and Tephrosia sp. (Weeds), greengram, blackgram, cowpea, pigeonpea & Groundnut (Legumes), daincha and sunhemp (green-manuring crops) were found as alternative hosts for Maruca vitrata. Identification of Physalis minima and Abutilon sp., non-Leguminous plants as alternative hosts for Maruca in A.P is the first report.