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Growth habit and phenology of certain tropical tree species.


Local tree flora includes both native and introduced species. Recorded phenological details on them are very few. The present paper discusses the habit and phenology of 54 tree species, some of which are also medicinally important. Morphogenesis of shoot apex is very versatile and most interesting, inclusive of both vegetative and reproductive phases. No other growth unit has such a wide, great transformation potential in the field of Biology of advanced organisms. Variety and number of flowers or inflorescences formed from an apex with male, female or bisexual flowers are many, sometimes all in one plant. Monoecious and dioecious conditions are additional developments in plant evolution. Cauliflorous flowering is common in species of certain tropical dicotyledonous families, through the development of adventitious buds, with little or no connection with shoot apices. Some of these aspects are briefly discussed.