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Researches concerning the spreading of Tuta absoluta species into greenhouses from West of Romania.


Tuta absoluta - the tomato leafminer originated from South America was signaled for the first time in the South of Spain in 2006. In Romania Tuta absoluta was detected for the first time in the Western part of the country, into a grange from Satu Mare county in 2009. A year later, in the spring of 2010 its attack was signaled into greenhouses from Curtici, situated in Arad county. We studied the phytosanitary spreading area of Tuta absoluta, into solariums and greenhouses. Observations were made in the greenhouse from west of Romania. The tomatoes crops from greenhouse were verified to establish the frequency of pest attack. There were found insignificant pest attacks of Tuta absoluta in the first months, but in the last weeks we found major attack of this pest in tomato crops. Tuta absoluta is a specie whose area of distributions is expanding. Specialists in the field of plant protection should give special attention to monitoring this invasive pest.