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Status of Erwinia amylovora in Montenegro.


Literature data on Erwinia amylovora in Montenegro is very poor. The pathogen was first reported in 1996, on a couple of pear trees near Bijelo Polje. Presence of E. amylovora was experimentally proven in 2003, on apple samples from the vicinity of Nikšic. Monitoring performed during the period of June-July 2012 confirmed wide distribution of this pathogen in Montenegro, with expanding host range. The most endangered fruit species is quince, while flower and shoot fire blight are predominant types of symptoms. Infection intensity in quince tree tops is most often about 30%, but sometimes even much higher. The disease occurs sporadically (1-3%) on apple and pear trees. Medlar (Mespilus germanica) and hawthorn (Crategus sp.) are established as completely new hosts of E. amylovora in Montenegro. This indicates the spread of E. amylovora in Montenegro and need for its control, using integrated control measures.