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Contribution to the identification of Pseudocercospora species in Iran.


Eight collections of Pseudocercospora species from different localities in Northern provinces of Iran were obtained and examined during Summer-Autumn of 2010. Furthermore all of specimens belonging to the genus Pseudocercospora deposited in fungal collection of Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture in Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection were re-examined. Eight species on nine host plants were identified including: Pseudocercospora atromarginalis (on Solanum nigrum), P. cruenta (on Vigna sinensis), P. griseola (on Phaseolus vulgaris), P. heteromalla (on Rubus sp.), P. kaki (on Diospyros lotus, D. kaki), P. punicae (on Punica granatum), P. salicina (on Salix alba), P. vitis (on Vitis sylvestris). Among these, P. heteromalla and P. salicina are new records for mycobiota of Iran. The name of Phaeoisariopsis griseola changed into Pseudocercospora griseola. Other species were already been reported from Iran.