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Check-list of bony fish collected from the Upper Halda River, Chittagong, Bangladesh.


The Halda River of Bangladesh gains its importance as natural spawning ground of major carp fishes. A check-list of bony fish in the Halda River was carried out. It appeared that the fish fauna in this river is dominated by the family of Cyprinidae (28.57%) represented by 18 species, followed by Gobiidae (9.52%) represented by 6 species and Schibeidae (7.94%) with 5 species, than Bagridae and Channidae (6.35%) with 4 species each, Siluridae (4.76%) with 3 species. Among the listed families, there are 14 families represented by a single species and 4 families by 2 species. The total number of species is 63 belonging to 51 genera pertaining to 24 families and 9 orders. The present study reported 5 migrant species from the Bay of Bengal and 3 species as exotic species.