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New species and new methods of application - a new chance for Trichogramma in codling moth control?


Diversification of methods of codling moth control is urgently needed in organic fruit growing. Since the application of sulphur products in late summer is not necessary on scab-resistant varieties, augmentative releases of the sulphur-sensitive beneficial Trichogramma species are possible in commercial growing. Trichogramma evanescens, occurring naturally in the orchards, showed promising capacities in codling moth control, as revealed in field trials with infestation simulated using "bait apples" with natural codling moth eggs deposited by females obtained from a laboratory rearing. Furthermore, an application method of spraying commercially produced parasitized eggs was developed using large nozzles, low pressure and a hydrocolloid based on 2% Xanthan and 0,01% Tween. Field tests with natural infestation are ongoing.