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Euphorbia davidii Subils (Euphorbiaceae) - an alien species new to the Romanian flora.


An alien species of the genus Euphorbia L. - E. davidii Subils - within the E. dentata agg., native to North America, has been recorded new to the vascular flora of Romania, in the following localities: Socola-Iași (Iași County), Tecuci and Movileni (Galați County), and Buzău (Buzău County). The morphology of the species is described and illustrated on the basis of individuals collected in Romania. E. davidii differs from E. dentata mainly by: trichomes of the abaxial leaf surface strongly tapered into a broad basal cell (trichomes weak, lacking a broad basal cell in E. dentata), involucral lacinia of the cyathium glandular (non-glandular in E. dentata), bracteoles inside the cyathium with non-glandular lacinia (glandular lacinia in E. dentata), and seeds only a little longer than wide, angular in transverse section and unevenly tuberculate (seeds distinctly longer than wide, rounded in transverse section and evenly tuberculate in E. dentata). Euphorbia davidii Subils has been previously reported as E. dentata Michx. in the vascular flora of Romania and other countries.