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Leaf scorch of woody plants.


Information is given about leaf scorch, a disorder of any species of trees and shrubs, caused by several factors, including: internal physiological disturbances, nutrient deficiency, transplant shock, fastidious xylem-inhabiting bacteria, unfavourable weather conditions (such as low temperatures, high winds during cold or hot weather, and excess water or drought), root girdling, restricted soil area or a paved surface over the roots, shallow, compacted or poor soils, change in the soil grade or an altered water table, toxic concentrations of one or more chemicals (e.g., deicing salt, fertilizer, or pesticide), air pollutants, root destruction, heavy infestations of sucking or boring insects, nematode, insect or rodent damage to the roots, a diseased root system, wood rot, wilt disease, and large girdling cankers.