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Species, distribution and hosts of the genus Anastrepha Schiner in the Department of Tolima, Colombia.


The flies of the genus Anastrepha are one of the most important pests affecting Colombian fruit production. Knowing the diversity of species that can be found in a given area is the first step leading to the conduction of the necessary studies to establish adequate management technologies. Besides a list of the Anastrepha species that have been identified in the Entomology Laboratory of the University of Tolima, coming from diverse studies conducted in this department since 1988, the current work includes the hosts and distribution of such species. A total of 60,688 specimens belonging to 24 Anastrepha species were identified in ten municipalities of the department, ranging from 300 to 2,500 m a.s.l. By means of fruit collection, 16 hosts (including five newly reported ones) were associated to 9 Anastrepha species. Wide altitudinal distributions (ranging from 300 to 2,200 m a.s.l.) were found for A. distincta Greene, A. sororcula Zucchi and A. striata Schiner. In turn, A. obliqua was found between 300 and 1,550 m a.s.l. Important quarantine species such as A. fraterculus (Wiedemann), A. grandis (Macquart) and A. serpentina (Wiedemann) were found above 1,100, 960 and 900 m a.s.l., respectively.