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Biochemical characterization of species and populations birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) grown in the region of troyan.


During the period 2005-2007 in the field experiment were tested local populations birdsfoot trefoil originate from Troyan and Staro Selo and introduced varieties Bosna (Yugoslavia), Tana (USA); Ergeshi (Hungary); Pekoli (Hungary), Gjiki (Hungary) on agri-environmental conditions of Troyan. The objectives was analyzed plant samples taken immediately before harvest any undergrowth in Weende method. For received data was used variational-statistical method and the correlation analysis. The variety Ergeshi was with high crude protein content (18.14%), variety Tana - the low amount of crude fiber (26.94%) and variety Bosna - the high percentage of calcium (1.77%). They can be used as genplazma in further breeding work. The differences between samples of different origins in calcium content were negligible. Astrong degree correlation between calcium content and yield of dry weight, was established (r=0.64951). and low between phosphorus content and percentage contribution of leaves (r=0.45805).