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Impact of "Far East countries" on garden architecture in Croatia.


Influence of the East to the West, and today vice versa, has also left traces in garden art. Croatia, as a country at the East and West crossroads, was marked in the history by many tumultuous events that have marked it as a country with a rich past. In the garden architecture of the past period a part pertaining to the period of Turkish rule which has significantly altered the shape of the garden architecture is also met here. Namely, it took over floristic and architectural features of the Eastern cultures in garden raising. Although the introduction of plant species from the East mostly occurred within the Roman rule, in all the centuries following, these areas are known by the plant material arrived in our gardens as an ornamental element or as a condiment. This paper deals with the plant species list native to the East, their time of introduction and examples of Chinese and Japanese garden architecture shape present within our park units.