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Hymenachne headaches: addressing management issues associated with a conflict species.


Hymenachne (Hymenachne amplexicaulis (Rudge) Nees (hymenachne) cv. Olive) is referred to as a conflict species because it can provide both economic benefits and negative environmental impacts. Finding a balance between the two makes the already difficult task of weed management more complex in this case. The National Hymenachne Management Group (NHMG) undertook to develop management strategies that would reduce the level of conflict amongst stakeholders and increase the uptake of strategic on-ground management. Two initiatives are helping to achieve this: the National Hymenachne Zoning Strategy, and the Guideline for the Containment of Olive Hymenachne to Genuine Grazing Systems. This paper summarises the processes undertaken to develop these initiatives and facilitate their implementation, the results to date and their potential application to other weeds.