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Allium crops protection plant management for Napomyza gymnostoma Loew pest.


Napomyza gymnostoma was recorded as a new pest of Allium spp. in Romania. This pest is the Allium leafminer pest of leek (Allium porrum), onion (Allium cepa), chives (Allium schoenoprasum L.), garlic (Allium sativum) and of ornamental Allium plants. Napomyza gymnostoma Loew, is a leaf miner from Diptera: Agromyzidae which was first described in 1858, in Poland. In several countries of mainland Europe Napomyza gymnostoma has become the major pest of Allium spp. It can infest a high proportion (80-100%) of a susceptible crop. Plants can be completely destroyed. Even at lower populations, the presence of mines on young plants may reduce the quality, economic losses can therefore be serious and result from feeding damage lowering the marketability of produce. In Romania, in spring 2007, an allium leafminer was recorded for the first time in non-commercial onion crops. Typical feeding symptoms were observed, caused by the mining behavior of larvae, producing the formation of descending galleries. The efficacies of different insecticides applied with different concentrations for Napomyza gymnostoma control on Allium were evaluated in this study of a two year field trial (2009-2010).