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Powdery mildew on Salvia verticillata subsp. verticillata in Turkey.


During 2008-2010, a powdery mildew disease of Salvia verticillata subsp. verticillata was observed throughout the experimental plots of the Agronomy Research Farm of Ankara University. The disease first appeared in May as white patches of the leaves that, by midJuly, expanded to the whole canopy which became entirely white. Based on the above traits, the fungus was identified as Erysiphe biocellata [Golovinomyces biocellatus]. Pathogenicity tests were conducted in a greenhouse using 2-year-old S. verticillata subsp. verticillata plants. Powdery mildew symptoms appeared on all plants 13 days after inoculation. No disease developed on control plants. E. biocellata infections of Salvia verticillata have been reported from Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, former Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, former Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia. This is thought to be the first record of E. biocellata in Turkey.