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First report of Blueberry red ringspot virus in highbush blueberry in Poland.


A virus survey was conducted in autumn 2010 in 3 commercial plantings of highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) in the central part of Poland. Reddish ringspots and blotches were seen on the stems and the upper surface of old leaves of cvs Darrow and Herbert, while no apparent symptoms were shown by other 20 cultivars. Symptoms were similar to those induced by Blueberry red ringspot virus (BRRSV), genus Soymovirus, family Caulimoviridae. Sequence analysis of the 450 bp DNA amplicons of seven isolates from cv. Darrow and two isolates from cv. Herbert showed 93-96% nucleotide sequence identity with the putative transcriptional activator gene of BRRSV strain NJ (GenBank accession No. AF404509). The BRRSV sequences determined in this study were deposited in GenBank as accession Nos JF303673-JF303677 and JF303679-JF303682. To our knowledge, this is thought to be the first report of BRRSV in V. corymbosum in Poland.