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Bioactivity of neem nanoformulations on tomato pinworm.


The use of insecticide plants is an important tool in the management of insect pests. Aiming to control Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), neem nanoformulations were evaluated. After estimating the LC50 for a commercial neem oil formulation, selection bioassays were performed with 22 nanoformulations. In order to do that, newly emerged caterpillars were fed on leaflets treated with nanoformulation solutions for 10 days. The effect on the development and longevity of the insect was evaluated with the two most promising nanoformulations, aqueous NC40 and powdered NC40 (NC 40=Poly-β-hydroxibutirate nanocapsules). The LC50 for neem oil was estimated in 0.20% or 1.31 mgL-1 of azadiractin. The nanoformulations aqueous NC40 and powdered NC40 affected the insect development.