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First approach of using aqueous extracts of Inula viscosa, Salvia officinalis and Urtica urens for the control of Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) an invasive pest of tomato in Algeria.


The biocide effect of the acqueous extracts of the roots and foliar parts of three spontaneous herbaceous plants Inula viscosa (L.) W. Greuter, Salvia officinalis (L.) and Urtica urens (L.) was studied on tomato sheets infested by various larval stages of the tomato moth. An analysis of the variance made it possible to highlight the temporal variations of the percentages of residual populations compared between the various treatments and parts of the plants used as well as the respective CL50 and CL90. The various extracts presented a fairly toxic effect as from the 2nd day of the bioessay. The foliar part of the viscous Inula showed a better effectiveness with limited toxicity to the 4th day.