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Tropical flavours to tempt consumers.


Tropical fruits are visually and texturally unique and exhibit a broad range of odours and flavours from delicate and sweet to pungent and obtrusive. The nutritional and health benefits from tropical fruits are thought to be significant and are recognised by consumers. Nevertheless, if the taste of the fruit is bland or unpalatable, the consumer will not eat it despite the apparent health benefits in doing so. Understanding and optimising a balance between desirable flavours and bioactivity in tropical fruits is vital to ensure consumer acceptability and success of commercial products in a competitive fruit marketplace. Techniques we can use to assess the flavour and acceptability of tropical fruit include consumer assessments, sensory evaluation and compositional flavour analysis methodologies. Recent work by our group at Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries (DPI&F) Innovative Food Technologies has involved consumer studies assessing teenager's preferences for some exotic tropical fruits, and sensory and volatile flavour studies of mango as part of the DPI&F tropical fruit genomics initiative. Our results demonstrate the importance of flavour acceptability to the consumer and highlight the need to study flavour in more detail to understand its compositional and genetic basis in tropical fruits.