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Current and potential distributions of Nassella neesiana (Chilean needle grass) in Australia and New Zealand.


Nassella neesiana (Trin. & Rupr.) Barkworth, var. neesiana (Chilean needle grass) is an invasive weed in Australia and New Zealand where it is the subject of management programmes to reduce its impacts (downgrading of wool, skins, hides and carcasses, reduced stock carrying capacity, reduced grassland biodiversity) and spread. Inferring the species' climate preference from its distribution in its native range in South America using CLIMEX, we estimate that 180 and 15 million ha respectively are climatically suitable in Australia and New Zealand under current climate. We also estimate that 0.24 and 0.52% respectively of this suitable area has been invaded in Australia and New Zealand. These results imply that N. neesiana could become a much greater problem in both Australia and New Zealand and that management to limit its spread is justified.