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Allelopathic potential and mechanism of Erigeron canadensis on maize.


The pot experiments were conducted to study the effect of exotic invasive plant Erigeron canadensis L. on mature plants of maize, Zea mays L. The result showed that the plant height, stem diameter and the dry matter accumulation in roots, stems, leaves and corncob were reduced in the plants treated with aqueous leachates of E. canadensis, and the decrease in grain mass per plant was down to 27 46%. Leaf area of maize decreased by 12.58%. The content of chlorophyll had a significant difference compared with the control. At silking and filling stages of corn, the net photosynthetic rate declined significantly, which was consistent with the change of transpiration rate and stomatal conductance, which suggested that the diffusion obstruction of CO2 or vapor in plant stomata was the main reason for decrease in net photosynthetic rate, and affecting photosythetic capacity of maize was an important mechanism of the aqueous leachates of E. canadensis.